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The public sector has been urged to practice budgetary restraint by the Association of Professional Women Bankers. The organisation recommended people to adopt diverse financial portfolios in order to weather the current economic storms. 

The organisation reportedly delivered the advise at its Female Bankers Connect event in Lagos, according to a statement. 

Chinwe Egwim, the chief economist at Coronation Merchant Bank, advised people to diversify their financial portfolios in order to weather the current economic storm, while governments should practice budgetary restraint.

“To stand out, she suggested that it is imperative for households and individuals to upscale, re-evaluate their budgets, network, attend conferences and have conversations with mentors,” she said.

She discussed the need to increase earning capacity, pay attention to fundamentals, invest in industries that have experienced continuous growth, including agriculture and technology, and do adequate due diligence before buying stocks, real estate, and SMEs. 

Female bankers should embrace their distinctiveness and strive for higher levels of excellence in performance, according to Funke Ladimeji, the Executive Director at Coronation Merchant Bank and the Chairperson of APWB.

She stated that in order to succeed, female bankers must learn the ropes and always grasp both the technical and soft elements of the business.

She said:

Deliberately building a network will deliver assets of inestimable value, that is your network within and outside one’s organisation and your personal ecosystem. When you have a good network, you have better insight and make better decisions.

Furthermore, Founder, Her Network, Nkem Onwudiwe, in her presentation titled, ‘The power of community, said there was power in community.

There is a need to have a community of people who not only keep one accountable but inspire to have new ideas and speak up. Align yourself with the right people and think of the value you are bringing to the table. One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way they cannot do as individuals. We cannot exist without the existence of others.


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