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Wema Health Connect 24/7 is a telemedicine service developed by Wema Bank and Health Connect to provide customers with top-notch medical care. 

Wema Health Connect 24/7 enables subscribers to engage and receive medical service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, whenever they want to speak to a doctor. 

The managing director of Wema Bank, Mr. Ademola Adebise, commented on the announcement of the new partnership, saying that the new digital platform further affirmed the bank’s commitment to innovations to make its customers’ lives easier.

Wema Health Connect is readily available at a discount to all Wema and ALAT customers at any time, and even non-customers can be easily on-boarded via a single landing page or via the ALAT app.

Adebise added that the service would allow users to access first-class medical care prior to using the on-site hospital. 

He stressed that Wema Health Connect would make it easier for doctors to prescribe medications, run lab tests, and order imaging studies. He continued by saying that the difficulties of Covid-19 had made patients want medical attention quickly and easily, without having to go to the hospital.

“Patients can receive notification of progress in fulfilling their prescriptions as well as receive results and reports from laboratories and imaging centres including critical images,” he added.

The Wema Health Connect offers subscribers a number of advantages, such as unlimited access to doctors via a toll-free number, affordable healthcare at the touch of a button, truthful and ethical medical advice based on evidence, and 24/7 access on both smartphone and non-smartphone devices.



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