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Mastercard has given Tag Systems permission to use Zwipe’s Pay platform to deploy biometric products. Tag Systems makes payment cards. 

Access to biometric payment cards that function throughout Mastercard’s global network is now possible for issuers and customers thanks to the relationship between Tag and Zwipe, which was created in 2019. 

“This will be a significant step in ramping up launches and volumes throughout Mastercard’s worldwide payment card network,” says Zwipe CEO Robert Puskaric.

In actuality, according to Puskaric, “Banks may now easily use biometric payment cards.” 

In a statement, Tag stated that the action will also satisfy consumer demand for more convenience and security, in this case, via biometric authentication. 

The true challenge may be persuading consumers that biometrics is a desirable solution to their problems. This month, Mastercard released research indicating that concerns about privacy are delaying the adoption of biometrics.

As part of its strategy to take the lead globally in the development of biometric payment cards and other next-generation technologies, tag parent Austriacard purchased card manufacturer Nitecrest in late 2021. 

In August, the Pay platform received a crucial accreditation from Mastercard after passing numerous of the company’s testing. 

Zwipe appointed Jens Hansen as its head of customer success earlier this month.



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