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To make it simple and quick for current and potential OneBank customers to make local or international payments on websites like Netflix and Apple as well as to shop on websites like Amazon, among others, Sterling Bank Plc has introduced virtual cards.

These cards are available to existing and prospective OneBank customers free of charge.

The service is available on the OneBank app and is open to all registered and new OneBank clients, according to a statement from Mr. Mustapha Otaru, Chief Product Officer of Digital Products at Sterling Bank.

To construct their virtual cards, he suggested prospective users to open an account by downloading the software from the iOS store or Android play store. 

Otaru claims that Sterling Bank introduced OneBank as a fully digital banking solution in 2019. 

He clarified that the solution enables the user to rapidly register and bank, and that it also enables the consumer to pay bills, make investments, and borrow money.

Customers may perform all banking tasks with OneBank, according to him, without going into a branch. Without going into a Sterling bank branch, he could self-onboard, enter his BVN, upload his documents, and begin transactions

The statement said:

‘Customers using OneBank can experience the ease of starting an investment plan, applying for a loan, and transferring forex, as well as enjoy a dynamic news feed, scroll through forex updates, and many other features,” he added.

“Sterling Bank Plc is a leading national commercial banking establishment in Nigeria. It commenced operations as NAL Bank in 1960. The bank has developed into a significant financial institution with total assets of N1.629 trillion at present, 141 business locations, and 700 ATMs nationwide.

“It is engaged in commercial banking services with an emphasis on retail, commercial, and corporate banking, trade services, investment banking activities, and non-interest banking. It also provides wholesale banking services, including granting loans and advances, letter of credit transactions, money market operations, electronic banking products, and other banking activities.”

OneBank is a 100% digital banking app brought to you by Sterling bank. It offers you the ability to register and bank instantly and you can make payments, invest and borrow money, all in the app.


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