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OPay, the top financial service platform in Nigeria, has teamed up with Verve, the continent’s leading provider of payment cards and digital tokens, to introduce the OPay Instant Debit Card in an effort to streamline financial transactions and increase financial inclusion throughout the nation. 

OPay will use its agent network, which has over 500,000 agents all throughout Nigeria, to issue and distribute the quick debit cards. Payments for goods and services will be simple and convenient thanks to the instant debit card’s direct connection to users’ wallets. 

Now, all OPay users can make purchases straight from their wallets. Anywhere Verve is accepted, including POS machines, ATMs, supermarkets, dining establishments, gas stations, and online retailers, can accept the new Instant Debit Card.

OPay’s instant debit card has an appealing design that appeals to the Nigerian market. Instant cardholders will not be charged for ATM withdrawals or card maintenance. Additionally, potential customers can apply for the card at any OPay agent location nationwide without providing a BVN and obtain it in just one minute. 

Olu Akanmu, president of OPay Nigeria, commented on the launch of the Instant Card. He said that with the introduction of the OPay Instant Debit Card, which is conveniently offered at OPay agent stores, OPay continues to deepen financial inclusion in Nigeria. OPay is working to make sure that every Nigerian, regardless of their social or geographic situation or location, can access formal financial services, open an instant account, and obtain an instant debit card at an OPay agent store.

Olu Akanmu, President of OPay Nigeria,

OPay is making use of the most extensive agency distribution network in Nigeria, which is one of its core assets, to make sure that every Nigerian may open an account and promptly receive a debit card so they can use the account anywhere and anytime.

All OPay users now have even another benefit to using and enjoying OPay, in addition to the wallet’s features that enable rapid transfers to any bank for free, savings with up to 15% annual interest (provided by Blueridge Microfinance Bank), great incentives, and bill payment at no additional cost.


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