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Leading African e-commerce platform Jumia has partnered with EV solutions provider BILITI Electric of California to electrify its delivery fleet in Kenya. This is being hailed as a crucial step for Africa’s development in the e-mobility sector and the achievement of its environmental sustainability objectives. 

The two businesses reportedly finished the pilot project successfully and plan to expand their fleet initially in Kenya before doing so throughout the rest of Africa. 

The first pillar of the company’s sustainability strategy, according to Juan Seco, CEO of Jumia Kenya, is Leveraging technology to better everyday lives in Africa.

“We are committed to building a supply chain that will minimize the environmental impact of our operations. The introduction of these e-Vans (Tuk-Tuk) to our delivery fleet is an integral milestone in our journey towards realizing our ESG objectives,” he said.

The last mile delivery costs make up 53% of the total cost of shipping, according to Rahul Gayam, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BILITI Electric. He noted that electric vehicles (EVs) help to reduce these high costs when compared to any internal combustion engine vehicle. 

He added: “We are confident that we will be able to help JUMIA to offer faster, clean, cheaper, and more convenient last-mile deliveries.”

The TaskmanTM model from BILITI Electric is intended for last-mile commercial delivery. It has a 100 km range on a single charge, a payload of 500 kg, and a top speed of 50 km/h (KMPH). 

With the help of BILITI’s SmartSwappTM technology, the rider may quickly recharge their vehicle by simply switching out the battery.

These electric vans, according to the business, provide African communities with better air quality and economic opportunities. By converting from conventional bikes to these electric vans, delivery personnel may deliver more products more swiftly and effectively while also increasing their income. 

The largest three-wheeled electric vehicle factory in the world will be established in India, according to an announcement made by BILITI Electric in April.


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