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Today, 70% of people in Nigeria work a second job to supplement their income. There are examples of bankers who operate online shoe stores on Instagram, office receptionists who operate skincare websites, and restaurant owners with POS machines right outside their stores. 

We are used to these side businesses since our social media platforms have developed into full-fledged marketplaces.

Agency banking is one profitable side business that most entrepreneurs increasingly pursue. You may come across a barber who also owns a point-of-sale business or a shop owner who advertises “POS is Available Here” in front of her store. 

When you work with a trusted partner like Quickteller Paypoint, agency banking can be a lucrative endeavor. Being a Quickteller Paypoint agent has several advantages, including daily transactional profits, agent training, quick and dependable POS devices, and branded Quickteller Paypoint kiosks with the goods.

Not only that, but you also have access to reasonably priced insurance that covers both your business and your health as a Quickteller Paypoint Agent. Both the agent’s life and the continuation of the agent’s business are important to Quickteller Paypoint. 

Therefore, use the steps below to get started if you want to start a POS business or add a side business to what you already do.

  • An actual workplace or store. 
  • Any smartphone with Android OS (4.4 and up) or laptop or computer with internet access 
  • A copy of a legitimate ID card (such as a passport, voter’s card, driver’s license, or national ID) 
  • A copy of your utility bill to confirm your residence or business address (e.g., PHCN bill, Government water or waste bill, recent stamped bank account statement) 
  • A duplicate of your passport photo
  • A copy of the Character Confirmation Form that your guarantors have completed and signed, together with a passport photo for each. 
  • There is no minimum required start-up funding. To begin transactions, however, you must fund your Quickteller Paypoint wallet. 
  • That’s all there is.

Join the 39,000 Quickteller Paypoint Agents who are currently spread out around the 36 states and the federal capital territory. Please copy and paste this URL into your browser to register:



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