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The eNaira application has reportedly been used in over 1.49 million transactions totaling more than N3.484 billion, according to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

At the Tuesday meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele revealed this. 

Emefiele also said that a little over 13,136 wallets—an unstructured supplementary service data—had been obtained via the recently created USSD channel.

“The application has been downloaded by 905,588 users so far, and 282,600 of them are using it right now,” he claimed. 

“Over 1.49 million transactions worth over N3.484 billion have already been made, with the breakdown being as follows: 78,115 consumer-to-bank transactions worth roughly N1 billion, 90,760 customer-to-bank transactions worth roughly N945 million, 35,800 consumer-to-consumer transactions worth roughly N480 million, and 171,000 consumer-to-merchant transactions worth over N387 million.”

Emefiele stressed the connection between the USSD and eNaira’s most recent achievement once again. He claims that 13,136 wallets have already been created through the USSD channel, which we first made available about three to four weeks ago. 

He added that more Nigerians are now using eNaira for online transactions.

He added, “For e-commerce, we have seen a 9.946 percent increase between July and September, and this remains very encouraging. We believe the eNaira is an alternative to you holding an analog naira and so it is very convenient.”



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