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Eden Life, a service company focusing on laundry, cleaning and food service in Nigeria has secured a $1.4m seed funding to improve the hospitality business in Nigeria.

The round was led by LocalGlobe, a U.K.-based venture capital firm with participation from Samurai Incubate, Future Africa, Village Global, Rising Tide Africa and Enza Capital.

Eden Life’s commitment is to bring the convenience of room service to homes across Africa – but starting with Lagos. In reality, home tasks are routine activities that should be outsourced, so people can focus on the things with the most impact in their lives; it could be making time for work that matters, or for enjoyment and bridging this gap is why Eden exists.

Headquartered in Lagos and armed with a $600,000 pre-seed funding raised by friends and family, Eden Life sets out to be the “Concierge of Comfort” to improve the quality of life for professionals in the city.

Upon its launch, the startup had only 61 clients. Two years later, that number has grown exponentially to 600. Today, Eden Life has delivered over 60,000 services in Lagos alone.

Speaking on the investment, LocalGlobe general partner Remus Brett said that the startup’s dedication to customers, attention to detail and being a pace-setter in the tech hospitality space stood out for the firm.

LocalGlobe fell in love with Eden Life’s vision for the future of home services in Africa. The combination of this advantage with a core team who has proven experience building African tech to unrivaled levels sets Eden Life on an exciting path of growth.

LocalGlobe general partner

Beyond the Seed Funding for Eden Life

Eden plans to use the secured fund to build in-house technology, talent acquisition and food production facilities. The hospitality provider is also looking at operational hubs for distribution and will be rolling out more horizontal products as well in the coming months.

According to the CEO, Nadayar Enegesi, Eden currently does not have plans to expand outside Lagos as they want to perfect their operations in the state first.

Lagos is a tough market, and we have to make sure everything works,” Enegesi said. “We’ve had to keep fine-tuning and our focus right now is like making this thing very smooth here. After that, we’ll start having conversations about where do we expand next.

Eden Life CEO,
Nadayar Enegesi,

About Eden Life services

Nigerians are not unfamiliar with the concept of “house helps”. In most cases, they are usually underaged children who are often abused or poorly paid adults. Eden Life is playing differently in that space by engaging highly trained professionals who run on a smooth schedule. Also, the ‘gardeners’ as the employees are called have gone through a background check so there is no fear of missing properties when they work in the absence of the clients.

Of the services they provide, Eden Life is directly involved in the food aspect. The hospitality startup has a kitchen where they prepare custom meals. This was borne out of a need to ensure quality food experience for customers.

The laundry service is outsourced to well-established laundromats while logistics company Gokada handles about 75% of the company’s delivery of food and laundry.

For the housekeeping aspect, they have a network of freelancers that they train quarterly.



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